It's fun playing cricket with my cousins. I wish it wasn't so burning hot though...


in terms of marriage, parents basically have the fate of their child’s lives in their hand and i don’t feel like its handled with respect or seriousness.  

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As a fellow feminist and geek, what do you think of the controversy behind the new Wonder Woman costume and giving her heels?

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I honestly wasn’t aware of the controversy. 

Personally, I like the new costume. She looks like this bad ass Gladiator babe, or at least in the picture I saw. The armor is menacing, despite the fact that the breast plates are stupid since they do zilch to protect you in battle. As for the heels, I see nothing wrong with it. For one, she’s an Amazon, she’s a super being, so perhaps her capabilities to fight with heels are immensely greater than say, Black Widow, who it makes no sense to have fight in booty knee-highs since she’s just a human being.  And I believe that women are perfectly capable of being strong, fierce, and intimidating, all while being conventionally sexy. Shit, she could even use her heels as a dagger. Kick some goon in the chest and stab him! If girls are griping over how heels are uncomfortable and could limit her, I think that varies from girl-to-girl. I pretty much live my life in heels and I do just fine, they’re only uncomfortable when breaking them in, after that I feel pretty Wonderful, myself.